It is no longer a luxury or even a competitive advantage to invest in a next-generation building automation system; rather, it is a must. For the professionals who design, build, and manage facilities, the desire to improve efficiency and effectiveness is never-ending.
Industry-leading building control systems are designed to not only keep occupants safe and productive, in any space or environment but can also have intricate HVAC and energy management needs while a complex of multiple buildings has an even greater diversity of comfort and energy management requirements.
Building automation- intelligent, data-enabled and related controls which create smarter, more optimized, energy-efficient facilities that deliver your business outcomes—is how we are helping you achieve your goals.


Featured Solutions

  • HVAC DDC/PLC Based Controls : Optimize HVAC systems with advanced DDC/PLC-based controls for enhanced efficiency and comfort.
  • Field Instruments - Sizing & Selection : Ensure optimal performance with precise sizing and selection of field instruments tailored to your industrial needs
  • BMS Software – Supervisory & Enterprise Level: Streamline operations with our advanced BMS software solutions, designed for supervisory and enterprise-level control
  • Control Valves – Design, Sizing & Selection: Achieve precision in industrial processes with our comprehensive services for control valve design, sizing, and selection
  • IOT Based Remote Monitoring & Reports: Enable seamless remote monitoring and detailed reporting with our IoT-based solutions

Integration can be accomplished for most systems and devices such as:

  • HVAC
  • Mechanical systems
  • Lighting
  • Access control
  • Cloud-based APIs for tenant experience apps
  • Smart restroom sensors
  • Advanced indoor air quality systems
  • Occupancy systems

At Closoft, we make everything from simple, configurable controls for specific kinds of equipment to highly programmable automation systems for entire facilities and campuses