Electrical Design & Documentation

Closoft boasts a staff of highly experienced draftsmen. These professionals assist in addressing the most efficient methods of producing your project. Comprehensive renderings are produced using AutoCAD and EPLAN and can include general arrangements, Control/Power drawings, electrical wiring, interface/termination.
Electrical designs provide computer-based supervisory control and data acquisition features, PLC control systems, hardwired systems and motor control integration Project documentation includes not only operation and maintenance manuals, but also ISA data sheets, complete PLC/MMI operational information, operation narratives, plus information on spare parts, training, troubleshooting and OEM component data.



Discover Closoft's Electrical Deisgn Capabilities – Quality Design automation, Accuracy & Professional electrical-control drawing!
With our designers having hands on experience with AutoCAD Electrical, We deliver to our customers:
  • Create and modify electrical control systems
  • Pre-programme tasks and comprehensive symbol libraries
  • Promote design automation
  • Derive better productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Create accurate information for your project designs


EPLAN Design services allow Engineers to plan, document, and manage their electrical engineering needs that remarkably improves the efficiency of implementaion.
Closoft Technologies has an experienced team to unlock the power of EPLAN software and its electrical schematic design capabilities. Witth this ability, we will be able to deliver:

  • Creating electrical schematic designs in EPLAN for your exact needs, reflecting graphical & device-oriented planning
  • We help you take advantage of modelling capabilities to provide a graphical overview of machines, equipments and plants
  • We help determine how your plant and devices
  • We utilize EPLAN's capabilities to provide a full outlay of electrical controls needed for your final design