We offer expertise in automation to meet your PLC Programming requirements, partnering with industry leaders such as Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, and more. From design to deployment, our engineers ensure your PLC programs are optimized for safety, efficiency, and scalability

We specialize in developing, customizing, or converting your HMI/SCADA projects, whether you are starting a new or replacing exisisting systems, we assist in selecting suitable hardware and software platforms. Additionaly, we excel in modifiying exisisting projects to meet the evolving needs.

Explore expert guidance in PLC programming with our comprehensive software and hardware consultation services. From selecting the right PLC software and hardware to implementing best programming practices, we ensure optimized control systems for your industrial needs.

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Over 20+ years of experience in Industrial Automation Engineering services

Closoft Technologies with over 20 Years of experience in Industrial automation developing quality porgramming and support for clients across the world, We have the capabilities to create, modify and commission programs for new or existing machinery. With the technologies of today, we can work offline to develop your projects and test them using simulation software, which reduces machine downtime upon implementation

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We can consult with you on your new or existing controller and make recommendations and modifications to suit your needs. If we or you have the programming software, we can spend the time to analyze your program

Your process can be monitored and modified remotely using remote tools such as Teamviewer and VPN routers. This means instead of the cost and waiting time for a person to arrive, we can get connected instantly and remedy issues.

We are a flexible system integrator, able to use flexible methods of creating or adapting your automation process. We are not limited to working during business hours or to specific brands of controls equipment

We can program and test control programs and visualization in advance using simulation software, which limits the time required to implement on your real machine. This means less downtime and less cost for on-site service

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